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What’s a vector map?

Vector data is not made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, vector graphics are comprised of vertices and paths. The three basic symbol types for vector data are points, lines and polygons (areas). Because cartographers use these symbols to represent real-world features in maps, they often have to decide based on the level of detail in the map.

Adobe Illustrator® for maps

As maps are points, lines and polygons and we need a software to edit files, so we will need a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator. Netmaps® pioneered the use of Adobe Illustrator® for map-making. Although at the beginning of our company, from 1997-2009, we used Macromedia Freehand software: another vector editing program.

Illustrator maps for map-making

But Adobe buys Macromedia for $3.4 Billion in 2005.

Freehand IllustratorThe deal combines two well-known brand names in software at a time when both are facing increasing competition from Microsoft in the market for electronic document management program. Some years later Freehand was not updated, and we had to change to Illustrator.


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Illustrator for maps

Illustrator maps

Vector maps – layered & editable maps

Using the graphic tools in Adobe Illustrator, we created a map collection that set the standard for professional quality vector maps for graphic design professionals. Our maps are ready to use, and give you the flexibility to easily modify the appearance of the map to meet a wide variety of design specifications for any project – print, web, multi-media, and broadcast.

Editable vector maps

Lines are fully editable. Every line on a map (rivers, roads) can be edited. You can change color, line width, line style.
Editable maps illustrator

Text is fully editable font text (not outlines). Text is font-based, so it’s easy to change the font size and style. You can use your own choice of fonts.

Intuitively layered

Features are in layers that you can turn on or off. Map features are saved in layers, which makes it easy to turn features on or off so you get to choose which features to include.

Maps with layers editable

Open maps. The distribution of thematic layers is designed to quickly create different types of maps through their activation and deactivation, arrangement or its edition.